What are Exorcists?

Exorcists are people who cast evil spirits out of people. They perform exorcisms. An effective exorcism is based on the power of the name of Jesus Christ. An effective exorcism happens where the demon comes out and ultimately STAYS out. The exorcist must walk with God in obedience to the Holy Spirit in order to do this job properly and consistently. It is a spiritual warfare, and the only safe place in such a warfare is the place of submission to Almighty God.

Evil spirits are also referred to in the Bible as unclean spirits and demons. Fallen angels who followed Satan in the rebellion against God are also evil spirits. These spirits have always sought the worship of people. They obtain it through deception, through idolatry and through the occult arts. One of the proofs of Christianity is that we can cast out what others worship as gods.

There was a movie that came out of Hollywood in the 70’s called “The Exorcist” in which the Roman Catholic priest basically fails to cast the demons out of this girl. Its a frightening movie probably calculated to put fear into people and make people think that the church really doesn’t have any real power or authority over demons. That movie as far as I am concerned was a propaganda piece for the devil. While Satan’s power is very real and he exercises a lot of sway over world affairs and personal affairs through his hierarchy of evil spirits, the reality is that a true servant of Jesus Christ who knows what is what can defeat these demons.

The salvation offered by God through Jesus Christ is very real and very effective if applied correctly.

Jesus said to his disciples, “Behold I give you power over snakes and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” (Luke 10:19). So do things the way Jesus wants, and you will get protection. The Bible also says: “Submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7)

This site is a work in progress which aims to help people on their quest towards freedom and liberty. There is freedom! There is hope! All this is guaranteed by the substitutionary work of Jesus Christ on the cross, and the promises of God Himself. But beware: to receive these promises you are going to have to go after them. At the same time, it is often very helpful to have someone help you in the process. This is where an exorcist (or deliverance minister) comes in.