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Much of the torment that humanity experiences is due to the activity of evil spirits.

Evil spirits are most likely extra-dimensional beings that can interact with our three dimensional world, and especially with the minds of human beings, in many different ways. These evil spirits deceive, torment, tempt, destroy and hurt people all around the world.

Humanity suffers from a great deal of spiritual blindness. Most of the time we can’t see things as they really are. We have limited perception. Nevertheless, cultures from all over the world recognize the reality of these spirits. In many cases, these spirits, especially the higher orders of them – are worshiped – often via various kinds of icons. But none of them are good news. All of them are hell-bent on destroying YOU, and the people you love.

This site exists to put you in touch with people who can help you deal with the working of evil spirits in and around your life.

As time goes on, we will increase the directory to include more and more local areas.


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