The True Power of the Cross

The Cross of ChristThe CROSS meets ALL HUMAN NEEDS. Many people today wear a cross around their neck, but Satan is still laughing at them, in many cases.  “Wearing a cross” has nothing to do with the TRUE POWER OF THE CROSS.

If only people could see it, the cross where Jesus Christ died is the place where ALL THE ROTTEN STUFF in your life got dealt with.

There is no way people can save themselves by their own merits. You cannot make up for your past crimes against God. BUT

God in His love stepped down as a man – Jesus Christ – and did for us what we could NEVER do for ourselves.

He took the guilt of our sin.

He took the burden of our sin.

He took the punishment of our sin.

He took the power of our sin.

He took the nature of sin.

He took the death we deserve.

He took the curse that plagues us and ruins our life.

He took the rejection from God the Father that we deserve.

He even took the bodily infirmities that we get through the curse.

In his crown of thorns I believe he took the mental torment we may experience.

Jesus took the harrassment from demons so we could be free.

He took it all. This list is not complete.

Jesus took it all so that WE could receive the blessings HE DESERVES.

We can know forgiveness, spiritual regeneration, acceptance, love, peace, freedom, healing, health, joy and lots more because all these things now belong to Jesus Christ and He makes them available to us through His sacrifice.

That is the extent of the love of Christ.

Can you dare to believe in that love?

It is all possible, but have you taken advantage of it.

Have you ever said to God, “I accept and receive into my life all the benefits of what you did for me in your sufferings.”? List them one by one, something is going to happen when you do.

It takes a childlike trust, it takes faith, to receive the things of the Kingdom of Heaven.


  1. Hi my name is Terry and I live in Missiouri .Ilive in a wooded area of stover mo and I have been here 7 years.the first year that I got here every thing was all right but after my son left I started going through something really bad hearing voices I thought it was the people that lived around me and never understood why know one ever wanted to be friendly and isolate me from there company but the loneliness soon over came me and then I started to hear things what I didn’t understand is that I could put things in my ears and would not hear the bad things ,I started to relive my life and started talking out loud about my passed and then after about a year and all my drity landry was out in the open some of the tv shows I would listen to and the voices in the house was so loud my shows I would watch would reinacted things that I did or said so I stoped watching tv and if I put cotton in my ears then I could not hear the noises It was horrable the things thy said things about my passed your nothing but a hore your a arrsonast then when I would say no I have been forgive then thy started talking about my daughter saying they were going to kidnap and rape her shes going to die just really bad horrable things it hurt so bad and then co-mo came out and undu this wire that was to the house and it went away I still heard things but barely .I live in the Ivy Bend area of Stover Missiouri and I still think at times it was these people around hear that’s done this,the pain will never leave because of this but I trust in God to deleaver me .Ithought to thay wanted the man that I live with maybe that’s why they wanted me gone he has two homes and they think they can get there grubby hands on him because hes alone and know one

  2. Robert Heard says

    It seems like evil spirits are tormenting my head everyday I feel fear all the time I want to feel the power of God in my life will explain can someone call me at 863 293-0520

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