Freedom from Oppression

Deliverance and Freedom


You may be in a dark place right now. But there IS freedom through the cross of Jesus Christ. Your HEART just needs to hear it, and accept it. It applies to every area of your life where you have been robbed of what you could have been as a Child of God.


  1. ollie ford says:

    I been trying to get rid of the incubus spirit,they areattacking me,I have being praying repenting to no avail can you please help?

  2. ollie ford says:

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  3. Wanting complete victory over childhood sra programming and mind control. I believe that we( survivors as we are referred to) dont need to go thru the “healing of each,dissosociative part s need to be addressed and ministered to. YET i AND A FEW OTHERS THAT i KNOW , DEALING WITH TRAINED CHRISTIAN COUNSELORS ,WE RETRIEVE THE LOST FRAGMENTS OF SELF,JESUS COMES AND HE DOES THE HEALING . tHIS IS GREAT, However in my Bible Jesus says “IT IS FINISHED”. So why does noone minster from this truth????

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