In order to get evil spirits out of your life in any lasting way the following basics are absolutely essential:

1. You must want to be free. Really want it.

2. You must call upon the Lord Jesus Christ for this salvation and deliverance. Only He can save you in the end.

3. You must believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, come to save you from sin and destruction in all its forms.

4. You must understand that Jesus’ death paid for your sins, and his broken body means your curses can be broken.

5. You must believe that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead and confess your allegiance to Jesus Christ verbally.

6. You must accept forgiveness from God and acceptance with God as a gift you did not earn.

7. You must humble yourself. Be really willing to admit you need to change and start really listening to wisdom.

8.  You must be honest about your condition and your past sins and confess them as required.

8. You must renounce the occult and all idolatry.

9. You MUST forgive those who have hurt or wronged you.

10. You must co-operate with the Holy Spirit.

Please learn what all these things mean in your case. Follow these points as much as you can before contacting a deliverance minister (exorcist). All of these steps are very important for anyone who wants to remain free.


  1. Hello All,
    I have just found this site, to the glory of God. I read the blog of Pastor Michael Fackerell and it was quite useful. Please contact me, email, specifically for prayer/counseling.

    Thank you,

  2. Kara Beachum says

    Following the essentials is important!

  3. these are updated testimonies for Peter Johnson. Thank you and God bless!!

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