Dark Night

Dark Night

By Name Withheld
Dark Night
 Mum returned to the old terrace for the last time; there were still a few of her belongings left on the front porch. The mission was simple, one last courageous trip solely to retrieve her final belongings and then get out. In the train, there were many things to think about — so many things still, so mysterious. What were those unseen forces in the house? Where did they come from? How did this whole nightmare begin? These were things that would soon be answered, but for now, her belongings needed to be collected. As she approached the old terrace in George Street, Redfern, Sydney, the sound of heavy rain could be heard making its approach, thunder crashed and lightening lit up the night sky making the old terrace appear so much more ominous and dreadful. She reached for the old rusty gate and pushed it open, the hinges acted as an alarm making her presence known, as rusty metal gates have a tendency to do. There, in front of her, were her final belongings, previously packed that day in haste, ready for a quick exit; on the last journey they could not fit it all in, so they were left behind to be collected later. The terrace was locked up and the occupants gone; while reaching for the last of her belongings, she could hear noises behind the locked door — banging and strange unearthly sounds.


But, she was not going to wait around one moment longer. She knew who and what these things were, the very house had become a gateway to some kind of hell. ‘Please Lord,’ she began to pray. ‘Protect me and give me the strength to cope with my fears’. This whole praying thing was new to her; however, in her pleas to God, (and there were many in the last few months) she had discovered great strength and experienced wonderful inward consolation.


The Holy Spirit was so different to those other spirits, with Him there was no fear, no terror, but only a tremendous feeling of love and security — a presence she had never experienced before. In spite of her rapidly beating heart, a peace began to flood her body; an assurance of safety began to fill her emotions. Never before had she been able to experience a bit of heaven while surrounded by hell. For a moment she was distracted, the peace was so wonderful, until again she felt the rain on her face. How was she going to get a taxi in this heavy rain when there was no public phone in site? She knew of a phone way down the street – but would be drenched long before it came into view. ‘Oh Lord,’ she whispered despairingly, ‘How am I to call a taxi?’ Before her plea to God was completed, a taxi, seemingly from nowhere, mysteriously pulled up right in front of her — right in front of the terrace. The driver had pulled over to attend to something on his radio and, unbeknown to him, simultaneously answered this particular woman’s prayer. The relief she felt as she approached the cab could not be described in words.


Opening the door of the taxi and leaning in, she asked if the cab was available — “Of course, madam”, came the friendly and warm reply. As the car drove away, she settled back into the passenger’s seat with a sigh of relief. The old terrace began to disappear from view in the passenger’s side mirror. A new day had begun — a new beginning about to start. But for now, it was the great transition before the new residence would be vacant. For now, she would have to stay at a temporary residence provided by a close friend until she could gather everything together – until she could tie up loose ends. Then she promised she would collect us and bring us to our new home, a home far away from the one we had come to dread and fear. Until then, it was time to think, the chance to plan her future — a future with a new beginning. While she was lost in thought, the taxi driver alerted her of their arrival. She scrambled for her purse in search of the fare. However, she was stopped by the taxi driver who said it would cost her nothing. After thanking him numerous times she got out of the taxi and thought to herself as the taxi drove off: is this the beginning of a long chain of miracles? Is this the beginning of a life walking hand in hand with God?


My mother told me not long ago she believed the driver was, in fact, an angel — sent to her in her hour of special need. Whether or not it was an angel, I don’t know. However, I do know it was the beginning of many other incredible ‘coincidences’ that I soon came to recognise as God’s providence — as direct acts of God. My mum was greeted by her friend at the entrance to this new temporary residence and from there was escorted to the front door of her particular unit. But before she got near, the graffiti on the door sent terror and shock waves up her body. In bold letters, the words read, “Tenants from Hell”. Her friend had not seen this before and was also in shock at its discovery. Was this to be her safe refuge, her shelter, her new beginning? Had she been led out of the frying pan into the fire? She thought to herself. She began to feel sick in the stomach: it was the kind of sickness created by fear. Where was she to go?


The new house was not ready yet! She had nowhere else to stay, and had very little money. After some encouragement from her friend and the offer of live-in companionship, my mother decided to stay; after all, it was now time to face her fears wasn’t it? It was now time to confront them head on. Didn’t she now have her new-found faith? Wasn’t this the time to conquer the terror through God’s power? She could not be on the run forever, so she therefore decided to stay. Within half an hour of settling in, a sound could be heard from the end of the room — a noise that sounded like the shuddering of drawers. As they both looked in the direction of the heavy Chester sideboard, the Chester drawers began to shake and shudder, faster and faster, louder and louder, until the heavy piece of furniture was banging and reverberating. Simultaneously the door began to do exactly the same thing.


The presence of evil and terror in the room was paralysing and both my mum and her friend held onto each other and prayed for God’s protection. My mother’s friend was now bordering on hysteria, crying and shaking. It was then my mother decided enough was enough, she stood up and shouted, ‘In the name of Jesus; Satan, I command you to leave this room!’ Instantly the noise became silent and the whole room quiet. This was my mother’s first lesson in spiritual authority; she had stood her ground as Christ had taught her and now she was reaping the benefits. She did not have to put up with the terror any more — she did not have to play the victim any longer. In the years that followed, Christ walked her through the Scriptures, revealing to her truths regarding the realm of the spirit. These revelations she passed down to her four children, of which I was one.


I was soon to face my own spiritual battles as I began to open up to Christ; opposing forces sought to keep me bound. Often, I would try to read the Bible only to discover the room seemingly beginning to spin and the pages of the Bible becoming blurred. I could not do it — I would not do it. I had no intention or interest in aggravating these spirits, so I would not read the Bible. My siblings had the same problem and were all wrestling with their own spiritual fears. It took me quite some time to stand up to this kind of spiritual terrorism. My first attempts at prayer resulted in my mouth becoming locked, I felt drugged and disorientated, and it was terrible. However, as I continued to attempt my prayers to Christ, the hold over me began to break although in the back of my mind I felt as if I were provoking these unseen forces to greater aggravation in some mysterious way; making it difficult for me to take any consolation in my evident victories.



The battles from then on were at times intense and terrifying, but all through it, unbeknown to me, I was growing and becoming stronger. What about my siblings? Well, they are still very uneasy about the things they had seen and experienced and will only talk about these events when the moment is really called for. Their questions are endless. How did the furniture move around by itself? Why could we hear heavy footsteps coming up the stairs and across the hall, when nobody was there? How did our mother speak fluently in ‘other languages’ that she had never learnt? Who was opening and closing our bedroom sliding doors when we were the only ones at home? Where were all the voices coming from in my mother’s room when she was the only person in there asleep? Who kept taking the picture of Jesus of the wall when we were all asleep and turning it around? Why were we having terrible nightmares almost every night? How had our mother, while being exorcised, flown across the room and speak in a man’s deep voice. The questions were endless. Since that time, we have all come to learn that the powers that kept us awake almost every night, terrorising us to the point of physical exhaustion, were evil spirits spoken of by Jesus more then two thousand years ago.



Twenty-something years have passed: years dedicated to research and study. Through these years of investigation and research, I’ve come to realise that there are many others like myself all around the world that have also experienced these unpleasant things. Another startling fact stands out from the compiled pages of my research; the people that have been unfortunate enough to experience these things are neither atheistic nor materialistic in their world-views or philosophy. Because underneath, its our experiences that determine, shape and mould our convictions to consequently form our present beliefs. I know that when I talk to sceptics today regarding spiritual truths, I’m almost always participating in an activity that is fruitless and sometimes even pointless, because they are locked in and governed by their own particular experiences. They cannot believe or because of their own experiences (or lack thereof), struggle to believe. Its at these times I realise so many of us are imprisoned and held captive by our beliefs.


Jesus spent most of His time trying to make people aware of the reality of the spiritual. He pointed people to the Scriptures that in turn pointed them to God. When this path was taken, they found the greatest discovery; moreover, they came to realise the greatest loss was the blindness of not seeing. In this sense, all sceptics and atheist are imprisoned, held in captivity by their own limited experiences, trapped in a world of regulated and constricted belief. Had I not had these experiences, my beliefs might be somewhat different today. Instead, Christ has called and appointed me to be a light bearer — a lamp of revelation to those bound in intellectual and spiritual darkness. And until further instructions come from on high, this will be my mission for quite some time. Many times while in the house, these demons would begin to manifest themselves, slamming doors and moving furniture around. These strange events would fill us with terrible fear. However, we discovered there were some things that struck terrible fear in them; the thing that made them most afraid, even terrified, was the mere whispering of Jesus’ name.


You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe, and tremble!

– James 2:19


I remember the first time the minister from a church in the city came to our door. He was dressed in everyday clothes and was unknown to us and our mother. It was just a routine visit for enlisting new children from the neighbourhood into the church’s Sunday school. As mum opened the door, something strange began to happen to her. She could not speak because her jaws locked up, shut tight. She was breathing very heavily and became deeply afraid. Then voices spoke from within her and began yelling obscenities at the man at the door. “Leave us alone, preacher — this is our body”, they said. Her voice become very deep and her breathing laboured, her body cringing like a wild animal, her eyes completely unrecognisable, unearthly and unknown. The minister was quick to respond; he began to read and pray, “In the name of Jesus,” he spoke with stern authority. “I command you in Jesus’ name to leave this woman’s body, right now.” He continued to read the Bible and the demons began to shriek in terror. They could not endure it any longer and threw her body to the floor. All became quiet and the battle, for now, was over. As a young boy, I had seen first-hand the demons’ hate and fear of the Scriptures. It appeared irrational and mysterious. This same irrational hate of the Scriptures I see in many people today. I can only wonder — is there a connection between the dark spiritual forces in our world and people’s irrational dislike of Christ and the Scriptures?


Its relatively easy to understand why many view the realm of the demonic with reasonable suspicion. The supernatural has been hijacked by Hollywood. It would be no small exaggeration to say that nearly every second movie on the big-screen is about something supernatural and in these movies the supernatural is highly embellished for entertainment purposes leaving the viewer utterly bewildered to what is fact and what is fiction. Hollywood is most probably not the best place to learn the truth about the realm of the supernatural. In 1983 respected psychiatrist and best-selling author M. Scott Peck, released his unsettling book, People of the Lie. In this astonishing book Scott spoke openly and candidly about the phenomenon he encountered firsthand in his own psychotherapeutic practice. Scott writes:


As much as the medical establishment might scoff at the notion, evil forces are an active influence in the modern world, powers that conventional techniques are utterly unequipped to deal with. 1


The scientific community was startled by Peck’s words – as those were not the ramblings of Priests and Bishops, but the reporting’s of a prominent American psychiatrist. This bold stand by Dr. Peck encouraged many other specialists from varying fields of expertise to step forward and likewise disclose their own experiences giving credible support to Scott Peck’s findings.


To God the supernatural is perfectly natural — to us the supernatural is mysterious, unknown and to some, irrational and non-existent. For God, there is no realm beyond — for man, only boundaries, gates and walls. God transcends all dimensions, and therefore sees everything as one whole, intact and correlated. Man being confined to the limitations of three spatial dimensions sees only in part. In fact, there is no place that man can stand, so to speak, and look back and see all reality in the whole. Reality to man is three-dimensional — reality to God is multi-dimensional. If, fifty years ago, you spoke about a realm consisting of multiple dimensions, the scientific community would have dismissed your talk as irrational. Talk this way today and you will find yourself in the company of prominent physicists that have long since abandoned outmoded and unfashionable ways of looking at reality, because these scientists believe there is more to reality than ‘meets the eye’. One such scientist physicist, Paul Davies, in his book, The Matter Myth, calls our attention to this changing trend in science when he writes: “Research into the nature of matter shows that the deeper one looks into the atomic realm the more ‘solid’ matter stops being solid, and instead appears to be made of little more than interacting, possibly multi-dimensional, energy fields.”2Davies’s other book, The New Physics, goes into explaining these theories of multi-dimensions in great detail. However, one does not need to read the books of Paul Davies to understand such basic fundamentals, because the Bible has always affirmed and sustained without ambiguity the extra-dimensional nature of reality.


The clearest way to understand the mysterious nature of the spiritual realm is to think of a radio; a radio can receive different frequencies; however, they’re only accessible by tuning into a particular station. In short, man lives in these dimensions but cannot interact with them without changing frequency, so to speak, before a contact is made. Many people have had intimations and momentary experiences of another realm — a dimension beyond their five physical senses. These experiences serve as clues or indicators to the existence of another realm. For many, these experiences are impossible to shake off, forever altering the person that had them. With demonic forces, mere curiosity alone has provided the point of contact that has brought about devastating consequences, leading to the injury or even death of the practitioner. This is a realm largely unknown to us; a realm that God has given restricted access to, under the clearest of guidelines, for our own protection. Unguarded by truth, we are left open and vulnerable to countless deceptions. I’ve said all this so far because its my conviction that there are spiritual forces involved in the passionate denial and contempt of God’s existence. I believe that Satan does have an invested interest in this new tide of social atheism because it invariably serves his purposes in two ways. One: its denial of God is equivalent to Satan’s denial of God’s right to rule. And two: Satan knows that atheism’s denial of God’s existence, by logical inference removes the belief in his existence also thereby giving him unhindered and unchallenged access to influence people, society, politics and social values. But we’re rational educated people that don’t believe in Satan and demons? Oh, yes, and it was no easy task for him to get you thinking this way so that you would be susceptible and vulnerable to his influences without ever being detected or suspected. Invisibility has many advantages. Take microbes for example. For the majority of our history we had no knowledge of their existence, in fact, to us they did not exist. The same is true regarding the tactics of battle. Many soldiers choose to go in under the cover of night so as to minimise and diminish the risk of being seen and to get the advantage over their enemies. However, the invisibility of something is no proof of its non-existence and in many cases is only proof of our ignorance – as in the case of the microbes.


There have been many things that were unknown to our scientist in the past, and still, there are many other things unknown to our scientist of the present. Just over the last century we have come up with instruments such as x-ray and ultra-sound that have enabled us to see beyond merely natural boundaries. Who knows, one day science may come up with instruments that are able to detect the presence and energy of non-physical entities. Our science is still incomplete and we do not have the whole picture of reality as it is – only as we are presently able to understand it – and in a thousand years time our present advances in science may seem somewhat primitive by comparison. However, we don’t need to wait for the sciences to come up with instruments that can detect these other dimensions of our mysterious and complex universe as we’ve had peoples and cultural groups going right back to the beginning of our history that have provided personal testimony of these realities. For example the belief in spirit entities is found in every culture.


The character and formation of such beings may slightly vary, but the idea of non-physical entities that influence this world was common to all – even today in western society with its strong emphasis on materialism. One of the sins of Israel condemned by the prophets was the sin of contacting departed spirits, “When men tell you to consult mediums and spiritists, who whisper and mutter, should not a people enquire of their God? Why consult the dead on behalf of the living?” (Is. 8:19). Divination through possession by a spirit was known to the ancient Greeks. An outstanding example of this form of divination was seen in the classical oracle at Delphi in which a young virgin became possessed with a spirit and so was able to foretell the future. This is perhaps a similar case to that recounted of Paul in Philippi (Acts. 16:16). But the testimony of Paul is two thousand years old. What do people believe today? Well a study in the 1970s showed that in a sample of 488 societies in all parts of the world, 437, that’s a staggering 90 per cent, had some form of possession phenomenon.3 The only difference is that in our materialistic part of the world the spirits are still at work – they’re just in different forms of disguise as deception is their particular specialty of profession. As you can see from my own particular experiences, atheism is simply not an option open to me. When I hear atheists speak I look at them with a certain amount of curious amusement coupled with the burden of love that Christ has implanted in me by his Spirit. It saddens me when they mock and jeer at God not because God is diminished in the process but because they are diminished and devalued by it. How people get themselves into this state where they refuse to consider the terrible possibility of getting it wrong goes way beyond my understanding and I don’t think any of their arguments warrant such an extreme stand, and I’m not convinced that they’re convinced by such arguments however they seem to be good enough to warrant the gamble of their souls. But what if they’re wrong and Satan is real and has in effect deceived them by reason of misguided reasoning? What if they took the bait, hook, line and sinker only to discover too late that they were at the receiving end of a terrible lie? Once the soul has separated from the physical body by virtue of death its a little too late to go back to the betting booth for a second chance bet.


I believe that God will commune with the consciousness and conscience of every particular individual soul once it has departed from the body and in that moment no atheist will be able to out reason God for he will respond with infinitely wise counter-arguments that will silence the wisest of human minds. The atheist only has a brief moment of time to live as he or she pleases in total disregard to God while the physical body disintegrates through age. The only difference is the Christian still gets to enjoy all the physical pleasures that God has designed them for without the terrible risk of judgment in the realm of soul survival beyond the body. In fact the accumulative evidence for consciousness beyond the body in the testimonial reports of near-death experiences poses a fundamental problem for naturalism. These reports provide literally hundreds of thousands of personal experiences from those that were brain dead with no pulse or heart beat that neither could see or hear as they were dead on a doctor’s table with their eyes closed and yet when returned to their physical bodies claimed that they were outside of their bodies watching everything that was going on in the operating theatre. However, these claims by patients are not what surprises doctors, what in fact surprises them are claims about factual things going on in the operating theatre, hospital car park and even things going on way beyond the hospital walls that are impossible for the patient to know unless consciousness and mind exists outside the limitations of the physical body. In some cases there was no brain activity for up to three hours and yet many upon resuscitation repeated conversations that took place between relatives and hospital staff way beyond the walls of where the body was situated, pointing out particular things that were said to the amazement and in some cases to the embarrassment of those that had said them. For example one lady that was taken into the hospital through emergency and died while doctors were in the process of intervention left her body and drifted through various floors to the roof of the hospital where she could see the entire town simultaneously while her body was on the lower level of the hospital where relatives were grieving over it. Now while she was up there she noticed a large blue canvas tennis shoe on the roof and thought it was odd because it was by itself, while musing over this oddity, she was suddenly drawn back to her body where she revived to the surprise of all that were around her. Not long after her return she recounted her out–of-body experience to the nursing staff of which the curiosity got the better of one, and this particular nurse took the lift to the hospital roof and discovered to her utter amazement the single large blue tennis shoe just as the patient had seen.4 Naturalism cannot explain this phenomenon, or the many others like it. Naturalism cannot co-exist with the evidence of this phenomena, they both cannot be equally true, and therefore one of them is false and as I have maintained throughout this book: If God exists naturalism is false for the naturalist cannot disprove God’s existence so naturalism can never know and therefore can never assume there is nothing beyond nature unless its assuming infinite knowledge – which it cannot do. Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennet can go on all they want about the so-called truths of naturalism and spend their lives explaining people’s experiences away, but where the rubber meets the road the overwhelming majority of human experiences weigh heavly against the lonely voices of atheism. People will always continue to express themselves through the intrinsic undeniable nature of the soul – for man is a spirit-soul being and will always be drawn and enthralled by soul-ish things.



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